About us

YYOL LLC is about Cheering Kids on OUT LOUD

It is owned and operated by Kathy Failes Carpenter. Growing up with the last name Failes, many times she was teased, and/or bullied regarding her last name. Coming home from a session at school and feeling rather dejected, her father George said, "just tell them your middle name is NEVER". She tried it and it seemed to work!

George Failes has a combined hearing and vision loss. He also has been a tireless advocate for deafblind people.  In 2001 he won a Virginia McKnight Binger Award for Exceptional Service to Others.

For enabling vision-impaired people to retain their independence with the help of technology.

George Failes is proof that, despite loss of sight, one can stay fully engaged with the world. An inherited condition gradually stole his vision, yet he has not only maintained his independence but has helped other vision-impaired people do the same. George used adaptive technology to keep working as an agronomist until he became legally blind. A volunteer peer counselor with the Vision Loss Resource Center, George helped launch Minnesota's Dial-In News program and recently helped establish a major public-private partnership to teach older people with poor vision to use adaptive software to read their mail, manage their finances, and communicate via email. "He has been a wonderful role model and spokesperson on how technology can help the visually impaired," said nominator Peter Wyckoff, director of the Minnesota Senior Federation-Metropolitan Region.

Inspired both by his tenaciousness, outreach capabilities and really exemplifying the "Never Failes" attitude; YYOL LLC formed this foundation to reach out to those who feel like failure is an option, and support them in many ways through programs, funding and guidance, that "Never Failes" is something that can be in everyone's vocabulary.